What's Your Favorite Summer Memory? (Sponsored)

Summer is all about making memories that last a lifetime. What are your favorite summer memories? Sponsored by "Grown Ups 2."

2013-06-24 15:53:29.851222-04
2013-06-24 15:53:29.851222-04

What is your favorite summer memory? Close your eyes and think back—where were you and who was with you? How old were you? Were you the fastest in the neighborhood at chasing down the ice cream man? Did you help your parents plant a flower or vegetable garden? Maybe you remember spending lazy days by the lake, passing the deep end test at the pool, or your first time jumping off the high dive.

Tell us below in comments! 

Need more summer inspiration? Check out the official 'Grown Ups 2' Pinterest page and don’t forget to see the movie, in theaters July 12. 


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