When Teachers Bully: Mom Talk

Teachers outside San Antonio reportedly taught kindergartners how to hit.

"Friends don't let friends get huffed and puffed," Big Bird told Slimey the Worm who was blown around by the Big Bad Wolf.

That is my favorite anti-bullying message ever. What would happen if we saw Gordon or Maria or Luis doing the bullying? That's exactly what may have happened in Texas.

A teacher at Salinas Elementary School lined up kindergartners. Instead of instructing them in manners or etiquette, she reportedly taught them how to hit a classmate.

If the news stories I've read are correct, a younger teacher was having a problem with a six-year-old boy in her class. She asked for help from a more experienced colleague on how to deal with a bully.

The older, but apparently not wiser, teacher then attempted to teach the boy a lesson by having other kids take turns hitting him as both teachers watched. The older teacher allegedly goaded them to "hit harder."

Reportedly, after one child landed a wallop, the younger teacher finally intervened, stopped it, then took two weeks to tell anyone. Now the "bully's" mom has come out and said the school never alerted her to any problems about her son being a bully.

If that ever happened to my child – be as a smacker or the smackee, somebody would have to hold me back. I would be flying my broom around that school, no doubt.

At 6, kids don't have the maturity to deal with that situation. Heck, I can't even comprehend it.

In kindergarten, children are still babies. They need to be protected. In this case, that entire class needed to be protected from that older teacher. Both teachers!

Not to mention, the other children in that class are also victims. How confusing for them! They get punished if they hit someone, but then their teacher forces them to do it? A child should never have to choose between honoring a teacher and hurting a friend.

In Illinois, the state is re-evaluating bullying legislation. Many school districts are waiting to see where the state is going to land before they revise their own policies. This is the time, parents, that we need to speak up. Find out how quickly your schools will report student aggression to the parents.

Everything is simpler on Sesame Street. To those teachers in Texas, you should have acted like Gordon, Maria or Luis.

Who's the bully now?

Flora Dora June 20, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Physical violence is never acceptable. (Do you agree with the states that have stand your ground laws?) The more serious issue in this Texas case is that the child who is a bully was getting away with it and parents were not brought into the loop by school authorities. We all have an expectation of safety when we put our children on that school bus.
Christine June 20, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Flora, you may have any expectation you like, but if you're not there to correct the problem, it will be handled by someone else and their idea of appropriateness. "Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public school.” ~Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon. How this situation was handled is ridiculous, but what do you expect when the system replaces parental rights with its own discipline? Parents, take back your rights and responsibilities in the public schools.
Natalie June 20, 2012 at 02:31 PM
HOW do we take back our rights? Unless we can afford to have one parent stay at home and home school our children we are left no choice but to enroll them at the public school system? What happens when the school doesn't listen to you? When they see your standing up as bullying them? Come on it's easy to talk about standing up for your rights BUT when you are fighting an administration, legislating bodies, federal laws, your rights are nill! I tried standing up for my daughter when I felt the school was overstepping their bounds I was told in no uncertain terms that I either accepted the situation or risk my child's education. How do you fight that? Granted this was over homework in kindergarten and what I felt was way too much (2 hours every night) but it was still something I felt strongly about. My child is by no means dumb but 2 hours a night was ridiculous. When I questioned the teacher and then the principle of the school I was told to deal with it or my child would be held back! So we dealt with it. We studied, we did everything required, sometimes we skipped things because it was just too much and she received good reviews. However, at the end of the year I was told that she appeared to be suffering from lazy speech as the day went on... HUH? I was told that she was under too much pressure from ME at home to do well in school and I quote "You, are a bad parent." I questioned the intensity of the work, we complied and I was the bad parent???? How do you fight that???
Christine June 20, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Natalie, you need to get involved at a higher level in the system. Run for the school board. Become a decision maker with authority. Run for political office. Homeschooling is just one option, and it isn't for everyone. We need public schools because we need an educated populace. The problem is that we rely on everyone else and then we're surprised when they make decisions we don't agree with. You (not just you personally but every single person out there) need to stick your neck out. Stop allowing others to determine your future, or that of your children. EVERYONE is responsible for change. And two hours of homework for a kindergartner is ridiculous. Being told you are a bad parent is absurd. No one should tolerate that, especially from a system you are paying for.
Lucy June 20, 2012 at 03:40 PM
I feel bad for parents that have to experience this. I can't believe that if a child is misbehaving, that he or she isn't removed from class and taken to the Principal's office where the parents are notified etc. I have never had a serious issue with my children, but even one time when there was an altercation at grammar school that my son was involved in but not the actual bully, just a bystander, the Principal called me to inform me of the situation. I guess I have just been very fortunate to be in a school system that handles things this way and hasn't had teachers take discipline to an extreme. I feel teachers have the right to scold and discipline students to an extent but there is a line that they can't cross. The story above is ridiculous.
Angelique June 22, 2012 at 11:49 PM
The sad thing is, these "bully" kids learn it from their own home. When My sister-in-law, a teacher in Georgia, couldn't get ahold of the parents of an 11 yr old boy in her class that was ruthlessly bullying a bunch of kids, she stopped at the boys home after school one day......when she explained to the boy's mother what was going on in school, the Mother actually applauded her son for "not being a wimp", and went on to say how she's happy he's not the one getting bullied.
John Roberts July 24, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Say what ya want when my kid got bullied and tried to run the kid grabbed my kid from behind in a head lock and drove my kids head into the concrete...We tried to get to the bottom of it and did not work.I told my boy you might have problems when you go back tomorrow.well he did he had some other kid come up to him at his locker and shoved his head into it.That was it. I went to the school and told the teachers,the principal my kid was allowed to give every kid in Gompers a black eye that messes with him and he will not get into trouble.He had to do it 4 times. He hit 4 kids right in the eye and every time a teacher saw it,the principal seen it and not one time did they say it was my kids fault.they told me my boy was getting messed with.Kids are mean,ignorant and experimental.Teach your kids self defense,no one knows what they can do to your kids until after they are already hit,beat up and in the hospital.Sometimes violence is the answer against violence.We as adults kill people for killing people.wake up this is our reality ignore it and you become the victim.My kid has had no problems since and actions were agreed upon at the school with every principal,teacher,dean I talked to agreed with my boy defending himself.We have a saying around here at my house that goes "Tough guys,bullies get knocked out" because they really don't want to fight they just want to show off.bullies make people want to fight and usually end up getting hurt themselves.I was a kid with cancer I know
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