Councilwoman Quillman Calls Confrontation a 'Chaotic Situation'

Councilwoman Jan Quillman said the night she squabbled with a firefighter she was greatly upset by the bloody "massacre scene" she happened upon when her mother-in-law injured a varicose vein.

The night she reportedly accused a firefighter of grabbing her breast and demanded his arrest, Councilwoman Jan Quillman said, she was unsettled by all the blood in her injured mother-in-law's home.

"It was a massacre scene," said Quillman, whose mother-in-law was bleeding profusely from a varicose vein.

"There was so much blood everywhere," Quillman said. "I went into nurse mode."

Quillman, who is a registered nurse, said she tried to assist firefighter paramedics in treating her mother-in-law.

"I just wanted to apply pressure to her leg," Quillman said. "I guess they thought I was interfering."

Quillman insisted on riding to the hospital with her mother-in-law in the back of an ambulance, according to fire department reports. After firefighters refused to let her, Quillman still tried to climb into the ambulance, the reports said. Firefighter Dave Chizmark then "put his arm out to move the councilwoman out of the way and close the back doors."

After Chizmark raised his arm, Quillman shouted for the police and called out, "I have been assaulted and this man grabbed my boob!” according to a report written by Chizmark.

Battalion Chief Mike Stromberg, who was sent to the scene because of  a “problem on an EMS call,” wrote in a report that Quillman "saw Chizmark over my shoulder and said, ‘I want that mother f----r arrested for assault and battery.'”

Quillman said she no longer wants Chizmark arrested.

"No, no, no," said Quillman, who told of speaking with the firefighter since the August incident.

"We had a little chat and an agreement," she said. "Things were said that shouldn't have been said."

Quillman said she and her husband had just returned home from dinner and were on the couch watching telelvision when they were called to let firefighters into her mother-in-law's home next door.

"All I know is it was a very chaotic situation," said Quillman, who believes her mother-in-law may have lost up to two pints of blood and that there was blood "all over the rug, all over the floor."

"I was in nurse mode," she said. "I was in daughter-in-law mode."
Al "Big Al" Czervik October 06, 2013 at 09:33 PM
Jan. Let's clarify. You maintain you did not use "that word" when referring to FF Chizmark. Yet, Battalion Chief Mike Stromberg explicitly quoted you in his legally documented report. Is Chief Stromberg lying? If he IS lying, he has a problem. A career threatening problem as it would indicate he falsified a legal FD document. Or, Jan, are YOU lying? Did you use that language? Did you accuse FF Chizmark of assaulting you? And did you interfere with paramedics, well-skilled and well-trained to handle far worse emergencies than was facing your relative? Jan, if your "nurse mode" includes such a loss of control, remind me to NEVER allow you within 100 yards of me or any member of my family in a medical situation. Jan, was Lt Matt Ersham hallucinating when he smelled alcohol on the breath of you and/or your husband? Or was THAT a lie, too? Did you ACTUALLY ask "Do you know who I am?" Or is THAT a lie?? Jan, things are not stacking up in your favor. Jan, your head is out over your skis here. JAN! You have made a mess here and the only one who can clean it up is you. What's it gonna be, Jan?
PatchMaster October 07, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Maybe we can ask her point blank at a council meeting? I doubt the mayor would come to her defense, as well he shouldn't. She was drunk and tried to use her position to ruin another's career and should be made to answer for it. She says she and FF Chizmark "had a little chat" now it's time for her to "have a little chat" with the rest of us.
PatchMaster October 07, 2013 at 05:32 PM
Furthermore Jan, you know you "screwed the pooch" here and there is no clean way out of it.
Al "Big Al" Czervik October 15, 2013 at 10:42 AM
So, tonight is a Joliet City Council meeting. For those of us unable to be in attendance, I certainly hope our doggedly determined news media hold JAN'S feet to the fire and not let her pooh-pooh her way out of this incident. So, really, JAN, did Battalion Chief Stromburg falsify his legal document? How about Lt Ersham? Him, too? Cause if they did, it's time for the hierarchy to file charges against them. Maybe even take their jobs. But wait, what if they told the truth? What if YOU ARE LYING, JAN?? What should happen to you?? Which is it, JAN? There is no "middle ground" here. No "misunderstanding". You asked Lt Ersham "Do you know who I am?". We ALL know who you are, JAN! You are an attention-seeking, self-aggrandizing hound who crossed the line one too many times and now owes lots of people an apology and all of us a resignation.


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