Caton Farm Bridge Closed to Heavy Traffic

The Illinois Department of Transportation says the bridge can't handle more than 18 tons, awards grant to cover 80 percent of reconstruction costs.

The Caton Farm Road bridge that crosses the DuPage River in far western Will County is off limits to any vehicle over 18 tons.

The Illinois Department of Transportation issued the directive to the after determining the bridge's ratings were insufficient to handle anything heavier than single-unit vehicles, school buses and panel trucks, the city announced in a press release issued Wednesday.

Signs have been posted at the bridge and there are notification signs posted
for eastbound traffic at Illinois 59 and Bronk Road and for westbound traffic at
Essington Road and the Interstate 55 West Frontage Road.

The city has received an IDOT grant to reconstruct the bridge, covering about 80 percent of the project's engineering and construction costs, the release said. Reconstruction is to be done in 2015.

Infamous Steve August 23, 2012 at 03:21 PM
So...the bridge is unsafe and they want to wait until 2015 to rebuild it? Why wait 3 years to fix something you know is busted? One thing I can think of is writing tickets to truck drivers that go over it anyway. I'm sure that would be a pretty steep fine. Hey maybe that is how they plan on getting the rest of the money to fix the bridge...they just figure it will take 3 years to make up the difference.


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