'Why Did You Kill My Sister?' Grieving Sister Asked Drew Peterson

Kathleen Savio's sister told how Drew Peterson laughed at her after her sister was found dead.

A second sister of Kathleen Savio told of disgraced ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson pounding on his slain wife's door the day after she was found dead—but this sister wanted answers.

"Why did you kill my sister," Savio sister Susan Doman said she asked Peterson.

Doman said Peterson looked "very surprised" by the question.

"He kind of choked and said, 'I wouldn't kill the mother of my children,'" she said.

Susan Doman was the second Savio sister to testify at Peterson's murder trial. Both Susan Doman and Anna Marie Doman told of Savio living in fear of Peterson and of his threats to kill her and make her death look like it was an accident.

Susan Doman, who testified Friday, said Savio told her of a time she was in the basement of her house and "her husband, Drew, had a knife on her throat. He said he could kill her and make it look like an accident."

Susan Doman also said Peterson taunted her while they were in Savio's home, saying, "Ha ha, I found the will between the floorboards. And tell your sister Anna you aren't going to get anything."

The handwritten will Peterson filed 15 days after Savio's death in March 2004 left everything to him. His uncle James Carroll is listed as the will's executor.

Defense attorney Joseph "Shark" Lopez ripped into Doman while she was on the witness stand, questioning her involvement with Hollywood consultant Larry Garrison.

Doman signed a contract for Garrison to broker deals for a book or movie based on "the story of Kathleen Savio and the prosecution of Drew Peterson."

"You have a monetary interest in Drew Peterson being convicted, don't you?" Lopez said.

Lopez also questioned the integrity of the projects as outlined by the now-expired October 2009 contract. He noted language allowing the story to be "fictionalized to make it more colorful" and guaranteeing Savio and Doman will be "portrayed in a positive manner."

"So the more dirt you throw at Drew, the more positive it looks for you," Lopez said.

"It wouldn't be positive if Drew was found not guilty," he said. "That's not a good movie."

Susan Doman said she signed the contract because she "wanted the truth to come out."

"This book is about domestic violence," she said.

"This book is about getting paid," Lopez countered.

There actually is no book.

Also Friday, Savio's boyfriend Steve Maniaci told of the night he learned she died.

Maniaci Savio's friend and next-door neighbor Mary Pontarelli informed him of her death. He said rushed over to Savio's house and saw Drew Peterson standing outside under a streetlight.

"He seemed to be writing a report," Maniaci said. "I went up and asked him what the hell happened. He said he didn't know."

"I said, 'Drew, I sure hope you didn't have anything to do with this,'" Maniaci said. "He said he did not." 

Maniaci said he told Peterson, "This sure worked out well for you," and Peterson replied, "She would have lost anyway."

Maniaci also said he saw none of the severe bruising on Savio's buttocks or arm three nights before she was found dead.

Maniaci said he and Savio had sex late Friday or early Saturday the weekend she died and her body looked "perfectly normal."

When neighbors found Savio drowned in her dry bathtub the following Monday night, Savio's body was marked with large red injuries on her buttocks and one round red bruise near her elbow.

Also Friday, prosecutors called for the testimony of a woman who said she had an affair with Peterson while he was married to Savio.

Susan McCauley told how Peterson "laughed it off" when she asked about Savio's untimely death.

"He laughed it off and made a couple jokes," said Susan McCauley, who was no longer romantically involved with Peterson when she says she ran into him at a bowling alley and asked him about Savio's death and its effect on her children in March 2004.

"They'll be fine. She was crazy," McCauley said Peterson told her.

McCauley said Peterson joked and laughed when she told him he was lucky that now he would not have to pay child support or give up any of his pension or his home to Savio in their divorce.

Francis M. Regan August 13, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Haleyaloha if you read properly and read the thread there is someone else using the real Francis Regan such as the fake one posted that Drew is innocent.
Mason Dixon August 13, 2012 at 02:27 PM
I have no issues with "chump" prosectors. You have to play the cards you were dealt. They were dealt bad cards. I would have hidden under my desk if I was there when they were appointing who was going to take this case. Regarding other comments: I don't think 50/50 think he is ACTUALLY innocent, just not guilty in the eyes of the law. Look at Casey Anthony. Look at OJ. They did everything BUT confess. Even if he is found guilty, he'll probably get out on appeal. That hearsay evidence is only going to go so far.
wow August 13, 2012 at 11:34 PM
DREW is all out Gulity!!!
Francis M. Regan August 14, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Wow I hope you are never on a jury!
bmail57 September 06, 2012 at 10:31 PM
Francis ? who's smug and snickering now? Guilty 1st Degree Murder.


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