Man who Honked Car Horn to Break up Fight Shot Outside Barcode 52 Saturday

Joliet police say the incident was gang-related; the victim underwent surgery at St. Joe's and is expected to survive.

A man who honked his horn in an effort to stop a fight outside Barcode 52 was shot in the chest Saturday night and a stray bullet went through the window of a still-open Subway restaurant across the street.

The 11:40 p.m. shooting is believed to be gang-related because one of the men outside the 1609 W. Jefferson St. bar shouted a gang name before opening fire, according to a story in the Joliet Herald News.

The victim, 29, whose identity was not released, underwent surgery at nearby Provena St. Joseph Medical Center for his injuries, which were described as non-life-threatening, the story said.

Four Hispanic men are being sought in connection the incident.

Joliet Police Chief Mike Trafton told the paper the situation is disturbing because the alleged gang members shoot without consideration to where they are or who might be in the area.

“They (gang members) just pull the trigger,” he said. “They have no idea where the bullet is going to go. ... It’s a scary situation when they’re doing this.”

Barcode 52 has been in trouble with the city on at least one previous occasion since opening in mid-2010. In October 2011, it was fined $500 when police found an underage drinker in the bar.

The shooting comes at the end of what was a very violent week for Joliet. On Monday, one teen was shot and killed in the 1000 block of Lois Place Monday, and one day later, two more were shot and killed in the 700 block of Second Avenue.



Infamous Steve October 29, 2012 at 03:07 PM
that detention center is looking better isn't it? I wonder if any of the 4 are legal?
o October 29, 2012 at 05:00 PM
In a few days JPD will catch the shooters. Their mothers and grandmothers will swear they are all good little boys who are misunderstood and they are not in a gangs. They are ll just really good buddies. I am sure none of them were actually there they were at church.
kevin October 31, 2012 at 02:44 AM
Jpd keep lock and. Loaded and every gang banger you see blow there fucking head off i moved too newlenox and it beuatiful great school no gangs much respect too the police trying too do there job
Joe Smith November 01, 2012 at 11:46 AM
So why is Barcode 52 in trouble exactly? The fight happened outside of the bar. What did the bar do that was wrong here? The bar didn't do the shooting. Great reporting. Maybe next time think before you write.
John Roberts November 17, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Alcohol...#1 ....Lack of self responsibility #2.....it's not the bars fault,nor the buildings,it's the people's fault....Just look at the states where people are allowed to carry a concealed firearm.....no one wants to pull a gun and fire because chances are the other 150 people around you have a gun too....it is the human mentality to get away with what you think you can...weather it be a criminal or a politician....all people do it from the little things to the big things....funny how gang members think they are so tough and badass and I have not heard about a gang having a fist fight,rumble in a loooooooong time....now everyone thinks they are tough because you can hurt someone from a distance and run.....this is why Illinois needs a CCW law....because of people that run around here with guns and no respect......wanna control the neighborhood how about obtaining a F-ing deed to begin with....want some territory? Buy a house,get a job....and respect? How about taking care of the people in your neighborhood? Make sure the mom with kids has heat,lights,the old lady struggling to eat....get her food....thats a start....cause right now...no one has any respect for gang members anymore....not even members of their own gang...and all of the gang members know what I am talking about...you work yourself up to a position and then your very own buddy wants it and what happens next?...your buddy tries to kill you,set you up...all for an illusionistic position....lol what a joke


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