From Rape to Robbery: Accused Killers Changed Their Story

Nightmare on Hickory Street, Part 2: When questioned by detectives, suspects in the double murder told stories of stopping a rape, but later admitted to a robbery that ended in death, police said.

  While stories told by the four charged with the Hickory Street double murder differ, with the alleged killers not only contradicting each other but also themselves, it appears Bethany McKee was friends with Terrance Rankins and invited him to Alisa Massaro’s home the night of Jan. 9.

A resident of Shorewood, where she lived with her parents and siblings, McKee had been staying at the home of Massaro and Massaro’s father for a number of days.

Rankins arrived with his friend Eric Glover, who Massaro believed was his cousin. The two men were under the impression they were going to have sex with Massaro and McKee, she said, but after showing up, they settled in to drink, smoke marijuana and play video games.

Joshua Miner told Joliet Police McKee invited Rankins and Glover over with instructions to “bring booze and weed.” They showed up about 10 p.m., played Grand Theft Auto and drank, a police report states.

Miner reportedly told police he was on the floor with Massaro and McKee was on a bed fooling around with the “bald” guest, Rankins. McKee told him to stop, Miner said in a report, but Rankins pulled her pants off, prompting Miner to get up and say, “You f------ n-----, get off her.”

“Miner then punched him in the side of the head,” a report said.

In the ensuing fight, Miner choked Rankins until he went limp, according to the police report. While Miner and Rankins were grappling, Glover kicked Miner in the head, according to the police report, and Adam Landerman then grabbed Glover and choked him to death as well.

Miner reportedly told police Landerman jumped on the backs of the dead men.
“Miner described Landerman’s actions as surfing on the bodies,” and told how “they released a gasp of air, and possibly feces as well, as he stated it smelled,” according to a report.

Landerman reportedly told police he helped Miner “hog tie” one of the dead men with dirty laundry in case he came to, then “heard a gasp or "zombie noise" from the victim and then didn’t hear anything else from the victim. He realized then the man had been killed.”

McKee and Massaro had departed before the violence started, the reports said, and when they returned were afraid the bodies “would reach out and grab them. (Landerman) stated that at this point, both of the individuals were hog-tied, one with cloth material and the other with an extension cord.”

The officers first sent to the Hickory Street house to investigate a report of two dead men inside entered through the open front door and met Massaro. She told officers there were two people in her house: Miner upstairs and Landerman down in the basement.

Officers checked the basement and saw no one, a report said, but did hear Miner calling for them to come on up, that he was in the bedroom.

An officer wrote that he walked in and saw Miner “sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette. Miner made the statement, ‘I did the guy with the dreadlocks.’” That was Glover. Miner reportedly told the cops Landerman killed the other one. He claimed the man he killed was “trying to rape one of the girls,” a report said.

While the accused killers reportedly started with a story about an attempted rape, the police were apparently skeptical. For one thing, Miner couldn’t even keep straight which man he supposedly killed, according to reports. After questioning by police, the four conceded the plan was to rob Rankins and Glover.

Massaro reportedly told police McKee knew a man who sold drugs and “kept a lot of money on him.” Detectives asked her what she meant by a “lot of money,” and she “stated approximately $100.”

McKee called the man, who reports identified as Rankins, and he ended up bringing Glover along to Massaro’s house. After the men were dead, according to reports, Miner searched them for drugs and money. He took about $10 and “small baggies of weed” off Rankins, a report said, and found around $100 and cocaine in a front pocket of Glover’s pants.

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joseph March 15, 2013 at 09:06 PM
lasha traylor March 22, 2013 at 10:49 PM
To all who reads this who wants to take some sex from white trash!!! All the kids looked like trash nasty,nasty hey dummies your parent is the police you could have called her but you took the law in your own hands you should NEVER see the light of day we have young black men in prison 4 life for drugs let all see what they get 4 there crime !! Why should they get special treatment for murder put them in with all of the other inmates those 2 men had no choice about there life why the law care about these young people life let them fight 4 there life everyday at least they have a life put them in general population so they can feel fear like Eric and Terrance when they choked the life out of them let them see fear for the rest of there life to the mothers and also the fathers of both victims my prayers and heart goes to you !!
Satan April 05, 2013 at 09:55 PM
I was locked up with josh in juvee and I can tell you for a pure fact he did not do this that kid would not hurt a fly! We would tease him about why his cop mom couldn't get him out he was alright but weird and I always thought he might of been gay, but in all honesty he was a sissy and 1 of those guys played football and the other a wrestler and both black monkeys he would never try that would get his butt whipped! Media is making this story up news must be slow anyone doesn't believe me I have pics of the kid from a cell phone my girl snuck in to me he is playing cards in both the pics I have.
Satan April 05, 2013 at 09:56 PM
P.s. free josh!!!!!!!!!!
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