Drew Peterson Reunion: Court Supervision

Three of the many attorneys to represent Drew Peterson over the years have signed on to appeal his murder conviction.

Drew Peterson. Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections
Drew Peterson. Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections
By Joseph Hosey

Drew Peterson got all sorts of good news this week.

For one thing, he might have as much as $100 waiting for him at the state treasurer's office. And for another, three of the attorneys who represented him in one capacity or another over the years have signed on to appeal his murder conviction.

Steve Greenberg, David Peilet and John Heiderscheidt requested leave to file an appearance in the case.

Greenberg represented Peterson during his murder trial last summer. Peilet was part of Peterson's defense team during the post-conviction push to win a new trial. Heiderscheidt represents Peterson in a civil wrongful death case brought against him by relatives of his slain third wife, Kathleen Savio.

The three attorneys want to take the case from the state appellate defender's office.

Peterson is serving a 38-year sentence at Menard Correctional Center for Savio's murder.

This was a short week due to Independence Day, but plenty happened. Let's take a look at what went on at the area's courthouses:


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