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Truck Driver Charged In I-55 Crash That Killed 4

Drew Peterson Gets Date to Fight For New Murder Trial

A two-day hearing was set to determine whether wife-killer Drew Peterson will get another murder trial.

Drew Peterson's murder trial lasted 24 days. Now the wife-killer's looking forward to a two-day hearing to see if he gets to do the whole thing over again.

Judge Edward Burmila scheduled the hearing for Feb. 19 and 20. If the judge decides after those two days not give Peterson a new hearing after all, Burmila said he will head straight to sentencing.

Peterson, 59, faces up to 60 years in prison for the March 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Prosecutors have subpoenaed Peterson's second wife, Victoria Connolly, and one of his five sons, Eric Peterson, to testify against him at the sentencing hearing.

Connolly has said Peterson threatened to kill her and make her death look like an accident. She also told of Drew Peterson holding a gun to her head and breaking into her locked house while she slept. Eric Peterson, who is one of two sons born to Peterson's first wife, Carol Hamilton, testified during a pretrial hearing that he witnessed his father viciously attack Savio.

Prosecutor Marie Czech argued during Thursday's hearing that Peterson's attorneys should not be allowed to call witnesses when they make their case that a new trial is needed.

"They should be required to substantiate their allegations more than they have," Czech said. She also questioned how attorneys Steve Greenberg and Joseph "Shark" Lopez, who defended Peterson at the murder trial, can serve as both his lawyers and as witnesses to the claim he received ineffective counsel.

"We're allowed to act as advocates and witnesses," Lopez said after the hearing, adding, "Obviously Steve can't question himself and I can't ask myself questions."

Attorney David Peilet, who was not working for Peterson during the trial but represents him now, said the key issue in the bid for a new trial was the decision to call Savio's divorce attorney, Harry Smith, to the witness stand. After returning their guilty verdict, several jurors said Smith's testimony convinced them to convict Peterson.

"That probably is the issue that is first and foremost in the public eye," Peilet said. "We saw what verdict it led to."

In what turned out to be a disastrous move, attorney Joel Brodsky called Smith to testify. Brodsky no longer represents Peterson. Greenberg has blamed Brodsky for blowing the case. The allegations of ineffective counsel have all been leveled against Brodsky, who is expected to testify at the February hearing.

Peterson has spent nearly four years in the Will County jail waiting for his case to play out. Cassandra Cales, the sister of Peterson's missing fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, attended Thursday's hearing and said life behind bars has not been kind to her brother-in-law.

"I like to see Drew and the effect jail is having on him," Cales said. "Today he was really old looking."

Maureen C January 13, 2013 at 03:41 PM
How about Tim Allen?? Not much makeup required, and he could bring out that obnoxious sense of humor...
People Amaze Me January 19, 2013 at 01:10 PM
I agree with Rhonda-STOP THE REPORTING ON THIS MONSTER!! He did have his day in court-hired his own attorney's and now he is very scared to enter into jail-if I was him-I would be very, very scared. He is a horrible man-and should be put away for the rest of his life-so he can not hurt anyone-ever.
John Roberts January 19, 2013 at 04:18 PM
To stop reporting this case is to stop reporting how court cases are interpreted,laws are laws but through court cases determines how the laws are to used...hearsay is not just for this case,want someone mad at you standing outside your houses calling the cops saying there is drugs in your place! Because hearsay means they kick down the door,want someone accusing you of stealing last week and get arrested for it because hearsay means no proof,only hearsay...from simple theft,murder,child abuse..knowing how the court works and understanding that weather individual or as a group only through a court,judge,and judgement can the laws created be determined,and interpreted for the people..to not know what's going on causes chaos...Let's say you never heard about the shooter in the theaters,nor their sentence,then all of a sudden you find out the guy is getting out..well then it's too late..to know what's going on can get people to show the court,politicians all of them the people are not accepting this....would you like to hear 5 years from now Drew got out 2 years ago.lol..no you want to know fit now..well how do you do that?..by reporting it...letting the people know...if you do not like what is being reported then go to your imaginary play land (your happy place) and stay there..the rest of us would like to know what's going one and how our laws are being looked at...ignoring court decisions and laws is why killers and rapists go free...get it?
Cheryl February 08, 2013 at 02:54 PM
Linda, are getting me?? Please take off your rose colored glasses. They are hindering you from seeing the truth.
Cheryl February 08, 2013 at 02:56 PM
Amen Colt45!!! I don't understand the people that thinks he needs to be free. Makes no sense to me at all.


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