Buy Locally,Go Broke Locally

Let me start of by saying I am in full favor of buying locally and providing a great local economy. But...When that economy I am helping to support tries to suck what ever money it can from me and citizens alike I find it hard to support it.

Examples: I recently had to buy car parts for my vehicle. Now going through my local Autozone,Advanced Auto,Pep boys..I notice that to get all of the parts it was going to cost me $825. So I decided to go online and check some places out. Well needless to say that 1 part that was going to cost me $164 at my "Local" stores. On line at Rockauto.com (Not trying to advertise but I want my local people to afford parts,food,materials,needs." I found the same exact part that had to be ordered from somewhere at my local store for $54..Thats a $110 markup...All together I went to the web site and ordered my parts for a total of $421.00 Half of what it would of cost me since the parts had to be ordered.

Another example: Tyson motors in Shorewood..Now any Ball joint for a car you can pick up in between $13 and $25. Not at Tyson motors a single ball joint costs me $76 each.

Go down to your local certified,Jewel and you buy a 5lb of hamburger for $10 or more for it to cook down to less than half its size. Almost 1/4 of what you paid for. Having a families we don't need less than half of what we paid for.We need the whole thing. So I decided to take a journey outside my local stores and went to T&J Meat Packing Company. Great Prices because it is a slaughter house too. Packed a freezer full for less than half of what a couple of bags would of cost me local.

Then you have all of these "Mini Store" owners going to local stores and buying stuff only to take it back to their store and selling it for a markup. "which is supposed to be illegal but cops are too worried about setting up store clerks for selling ciggs that checking the products" This action by store owners only makes the products go up.He buys something for $1 then sells it for $3. The guy he bought it from sees this and raises his $1 product to $3.They guy who bought it for $3 now sells it for $5...and we citizens keep getting screwed over Locally.

From stores that have things "Donated" to them and turn around and sell the items for half the original prices. THEN THROW AWAY THE REST BEHIND THEIR STORES..Is there a spot in their stores that says "Free" if they do not want it. "like they got it"..No not at all. So ya see to me NOT ONE SINGLE STORE seems to care about the prices "Locals" are being charged...

Question? Why is gas cheaper on the West side than it is the East side?...Answer because local people want as much money from you as they can. Out of town people who are not used to much business seem to be proud to help you out,seem happy you picked them,Locals act like they have you where they want you and going to pull as much revenue as they can from you...THEN SHIP ALL THE MONEY TO SOME FRANCHISE....Also I tried to just go to the Mom and Pop stores but not many around anymore....For auto parts I still go to Collins street auto.That guy still uses the books and has stuff you wouldn't think he does..and compared to prices..He is closer to prices on the net than any local stores.Which is why he stays in business even with all of the "Local" auto stores.

So until prices start to come down at least to recognizable prices I must say buying local is almost out of the question..I need my money to support a family....NOT A FRANCHISE.
As I said not advertising,Cause if these companies raise their prices then I will move on to the next.
Infamous Steve October 28, 2013 at 10:25 AM
I agree with you 100%!


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