My daughter was bullied in a local school in Joliet. I feel like the school isn't doing anything it about it. They just pushed the problem under the rug and the school know about the situation but didn't call home. My child was afraid to go school because the bullies gained up on her.. The school is saying my child made this situation up. How can child make these things up. My daughter had to be hospitalize due to this situation. Am reaching out to the community for help in dealing with the school.     
Elizabeth Glascock October 24, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Your best bet is to speak with other parents at the school.
John Roberts October 25, 2013 at 08:10 AM
Ya have to threaten to protest and report them..Also make a note and tell the school your to be contacted on everything failure to do so will bring lawsuits and charges I promise....But most of all..look it is a rough world no mater what country,state,town you live in.My son went thought the same thing,he got bullied and ran,the next day same thing....but this time sorry to say..some people have to be met with violence as we see on e Internet when people stand up to bullies...Life is a game of survival in reality....Teach Your Kid To Survive...There is more to life than just going to work and paying bills...Sometimes you have to defend yourself...The bullies that challenged my son started to get black eyes...Everytime I went to the school I heard "Jacob got into a fight but it was not his fault"..and they knew this how?...Because most of the time the teachers just sit back and watch how things play out...Just like citizens do when someone is getting attacked...No One Helps...We see it all the time...Along with getting on the school and telling everyone about their practices you have to teach your kid to defend themselves....Contact the Board Of Education..and report them...also send a letter or call the school and tell them your going to gather people...I had to do it with the cheese sandwich bull crap when a kid forgets his ID..but is counted that day for the State,and Federal government but he gets a cheese sandwich....Nope don't think so...Only way for things to change is to change it...Time to get some fire under that kid and teach her how to defend herself and start giving the bullies some of their own medicine...My son not a problem at all this year..I sat right in the school in front of all the staff and told my son.."Give everyone of the kids a black eye if you have to...sorry to say about 6 kids had to get it..But that's 6 kids that came after my son when he ran the first time...They thought he was going to run and make them look like a big guy...Not the case..I'll tell you this now....Little kids come to my son and tell him they have a bully messing with them...He goes right to the bully...Went from running to protecting...Once he learned what he can do...I had him hit my hand as hard as he could...I told him please don't hit any kids like that that's tooooo hard....He got confident..But i was serious...he gets very upset when he sees someone getting bullied now and does what the parents and teachers don't...He goes right up to them and confronts them...and most of the time he tells me "Dad you see their whole face change when they are being challanged....So from cops that will beat your kid if it messes up,from robbers and rapists,to bullies..You have to teach your kid..sometimes Violence has to be met with violence...Which is why we go to war with other countries.Why we have a military,why we have police..because The world is Violent in nature.
Herc October 29, 2013 at 09:41 AM
We went thru the bullying years ago. Please put everything in writing. Write the superintendent and cc the principal advise the circumstances and who is involved. Make sure you stress that this has to stop immediately. Address in your letter which teachers and/or principal you have spoken to on this matter and what actions they took. Advise in the future you will no longer be tolerating non action by the school district. Advise him you will be calling the police when your child is hit and asking for battery charges be filed on the perpetrators. Advise them you are not adverse to filing a lawsuit on the school district. Make sure you stress that you will do whatever it takes to protect your child. I agree with John above about teaching your child, it's a rough world and sometimes you have to give it back!


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