Visions for Vacancy: Perpetually Going Out of Business

This building, on Jefferson Street in Joliet seems like it might be cursed as no business seems to succeed.

Every day, we drive past buildings that are vacant, and if they've been empty long enough, not only are they eyesores, they're a sad symbol of what could have been.

With our feature Visions for Vacancy, we want your opinion on what use might best suit that shuttered building. What might give it new life.

If it's a structure that might be suited for a restaurant, for example, tell us what kind of restaurant you'd like to see there. Maybe needs a type of cuisine, such as Indian or Thai? Maybe it's Perkins or a Carrabas that you'd love to see fill that spot? 

We want your great ideas!

This week: The Shrimp House

The building on Jefferson Street that last housed a fish, shrimp and chicken restaurant has seen a number of food places go out of business. What happened? Did the food go downhill? Was it not any good to start with?  Or maybe it is just surrounded by so many other food places that the area cannot support another. What do you think should go there?


Tell us your idea by writing it in the comment box below.

Marc Spots the X July 18, 2012 at 02:01 PM
I live a few minutes away, and would love to see it become a Panera Bread or Culver's.
DRECKS July 18, 2012 at 06:07 PM
I don't really care for Applebees myself but hoped it would do well on Jefferson and then other chains would follow. They seem to have plenty of business so come on Olive Garden, Chilis etc..


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