Planning a Summer Party?

Here are some tips from an event planner to make it a success.

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean it's too late to plan a party. However, planning a party during this season takes special consideration. Especially when it comes to the weather.

"Have a tent available," Susan Stockwell, event and wedding planner at Joliet Junior College Renaissance Center said. "You can rent them."

The temperature at this time of year is also rather unpredictable. So, Stockwell recommended buying a heater to keep on hand.

"The heaters that you can get now are so inexpensive," she said.

Hosting an outdoor party has its own challenges. More than likely, your guests are going to need to go inside the house to use the restroom.

"In the house, you have to look at bathroom space," Stockwell said.
She also suggested that hosts consider things like whether or not they want guests to take off their shoes.

When it comes to the food you serve, weather fluctuation plays a factor there too. Some foods need to be refrigerated to remain safe to eat. Stockwell recommends placing weather-sensitive salads on ice or in the refrigerator.
Lastly, Stockwell said this is the perfect time for the latest party trend - dessert displays. Instead of just setting out brownies, cookies and pies, arrange them on a beautiful table with a tablecloth and a swag. A swag is when a tablecloth is gathered and pinned so it looks like a cascade.

"You want to make sure you are swagging it," Stockwell said.

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