Picnicking on the Fourth? Pack Our List

The Fourth of July is Thursday. Many people celebrate with a picnic in the park. But did you ever pack a picnic lunch, get to the park and realize you forgot the blanket?

There is a great checklist you can read by clicking here. We have pulled out our top 5 favorites.
  • Blanket — You can always use the benches at the park. But if you are packing a blanket, make it a lightweight one. Sometimes a top sheet will also do the trick, unless the grass is damp, then you will need something thicker.
  • Paper towels or moist towelettes — You're going to need to wipe your hands or your mouth while eating. If you have little ones, you can use the moist towelettes to clean their hands before they eat.
  • Utensils — While you might be able to get through a picnic without a paper plate or plastic cup, try getting peanut butter out of the tub and onto bread without a knife. This is on a must remember list ... unless you ...
  • Pack casual foods ahead of time —This keeps you from trying to get the condiments or other things on the bread in a pinch. Make the sandwiches at home and pack them ready-made into your basket.
  • Drinks — Again, this makes the often forgotten list. It's not as much fun if you forget the water bottles or juice or wine if it is an adult picnic. Which reminds us, don't forget to pack a corkscrew.


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