Ghost Hunting Team Spent Night in Haunted Mansion of Joliet

The Illinois Paranormal Research Association toured the Hiram Scutt mansion a few years ago.

David Scott in the darkened Hiram Scutt Mansion. Credit: YouTube
David Scott in the darkened Hiram Scutt Mansion. Credit: YouTube
A Joliet man was shot to death at Joliet's Hiram Scutt mansion and the historic house's last buyer suddenly died inside the spooky old building on Broadway.

But when a team of ghost hunters spent the night at the place a few years ago, they didn't encounter either of those guys. Instead, they ran into the ghost of a woman who found one of them "attractive."

The Illinois Paranormal Research Association seemed to enjoy their night in the Hiram Scutt mansion. If that's the case and they have any desire to buy the place, it happens to be listed for at the super cheap price of $159,900 now that a bank foreclosed on the national historic landmark.

The IPRA produced a five-part YouTube program on its investigation of the Hiram Scutt mansion. Lead investigator David Scott explained how he and his crew were "were going to try to document any kind of paranormal phenomena we can get our hands on."

"Once and for all we're going to uncover the truth for you and make you believe," Scott proclaimed.

"We will embark on a journey to the other side and venture through the halls of this historic building in an attempt to communicate with the lost souls that may be trapped here," he said.

Scott said his team succeeded in communicating with at least one lost soul. While in the house's "doll room," he asked for a ghost to reveal itself.

"As soon as I told the spirit to make a loud noise, part of the ceiling fell off," Scott said.

"There was debris lying all over the floor," he said. "Sadly, were weren't filming at the time."

Also, a door closed on its own and lights on an electric device indicated that yes, a female ghost—when directly questioned—found at least one member of the team "attractive."

Even with all of those ghostly goings on, Scott was left wanting more.

"We didn't catch a massive amount of stuff," he said. "We did catch some pretty significant stuff."

But that's how they do it at the IPRA—taking it one creepy case at a time.

"We want the world to accept paranormal existence," Scott said. "And with each investigation we get one step closer."

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Samantha Tschirhart April 30, 2014 at 11:51 AM
too bad it wasn't more about investigating.. and less about a tour i could take on my own time or watching you chew your gum.
Jerrie Hayley Klenk May 01, 2014 at 11:13 AM
That was 10 minutes I will never get back! LOL... five minutes were so, not necessary! If you are going to talk and show about paranormal activity, then don't waste so much time on credits and bs... I enjoyed the tour, however, you showed nothing about the activity that is supposed to be there!
Tammy Allen May 05, 2014 at 02:02 PM
I made it to a minute. Way to monotone and Zac like. What paranormal group does NOT film at all times while doing an investigation..."There was debris lying all over the floor," he said. "Sadly, were weren't filming at the time."
Dan Fernandez May 05, 2014 at 04:53 PM
But guys, the did see something... the camera just happened to be off...you know which was the entire purpose of going. ..
Drake Arnold May 25, 2014 at 07:35 AM
It's a fake believe in Christ u dicks


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