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Married with Children - An Option or a Requirement Under the Law?

This week, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk became the second Republican Senator to publically support Marriage Equality. While there has been much support for his stance, there has aslo been the rehashing of some familiar arguments regarding same-sex marriage - particularly faith-based and procreation agruments.  — By Holli Carey Long

$10 million a year in bad-credit penalties? What a deal! says Illinois; Plus: Court nixes suburban pension jackpot

With interest rates historically low, states are rejoicing at how little interest they have to pay to finance large-scale public works projects like road construction. Not Illinois ... — By Reboot Illinois

Now What?

So, last week was Easter. Churches all over the Bolingbrook area were packed with people, young and old, regular attenders and those who, well, let’s just say they enjoyed the Christmas service a few months back, and are really looking forward to being at the next one in about 9 months. Kids were wearing their new outfits, the ladies arrived with their finest clothes, and the guys, they were there too, and most of them showered!

Last week was Easter. Now what? — By Frank Taylor

Waifs & Strays Animal Rescue-Crafters needed for Annual Craft Fair

Waifs & Strays Animal Rescue to host its Annual Craft Fair to be held on Saturday May 4th from 9 am until 4 pm at the Lisle Hyatt Hotel, 1400 Corporetum Drive in Lisle.  Tables are filling up, but there are still a few spots available. — By Cindy Bonfield

All In A Day's Work....

My crazy sister likes to ask my kids over for sleepovers every now and then.  She has 3 girls of her own, so when you add even a "few" of my kids into the mix, you have yourself an instant party.  She has the "Harlem Shake" video to prove it. — By Julie Ferenzi

The Joliet Slammers, presented by ATI Physical Therapy, announced Thursday their player tryouts will take place on Sunday, April 21 at 10:00 a.m. at Silver Cross Field. — By Aaron Morse

The Ten Commandments: What's The Point?

For many of us, the Ten Commandments evoke images of Charlton Heston or memories from Sunday School of flannel graph tablets of stone. The TC have been the basis for parodies on "Saturday Night Live" and the basis for legal battles over their public display. — By Jason Stover

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