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Rat Terrier  10 lbs. Small Adult Male
Rat Terrier 10 lbs. Small Adult Male

How do you do?  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sir Elliott, but I will also answer to Elliott.    I found myself in a very bad predicament while in Southern IN.  I was mistakenly taken to a high kill shelter, even though I did have a family.  Unfortunately, my family members were contacted, but they choose not to come for me.   Their loss is Rover Rescue’s gain, as I am told that I am practically perfect.   I am a refined 7 year old Rat Terrier. My 10 lb. physique makes me the ideal lapdog and I can out- love a competitor ten times my size.  I own the title of Master Snuggler.   It is my favorite activity above all.  I will keep you company when you retire for the evening.   I make the best foot warmer, as I like being under the covers.  When I get too hot, I will make my exit, but will crawl back under once I have cooled off.   For the most part, I am a man of little “words”.  You could forget about my presence if it weren’t the jingle of my tags.  But I will honor and protect your home from the dangers of mail carriers and garbage men with my mighty bark.  I am learning that one bark will suffice.   Outside, I am a man on a mission.  I strut through the yard making sure that everything is as it should be.  For being a gentleman of social position, I am pretty low maintenance.   I am well-mannered with both cats and dogs.  I know to do my unpleasant business outside and I am crate trained.  Due to my noble behavior, my foster mom has little use for a crate for me.  I do love to go for walks and will bounce and wiggle when I see the leash come out.  I accompany my foster mom daily for a 3 mile jaunt.  I enjoy my walks so thoroughly; I will attempt to take one unattended.  Doors need to be monitored and shut quickly so I don’t become an escape artist.  Due to my small size and door dashing abilities, I may not be a good candidate for a household with children under the age of 5.  I was treated for heartworms back in February 2013 and can proudly proclaim that my August heartworm test came back negative.  Yay!  I am heartworm free!  I do have a very mild heart murmur that was possibly caused by those nasty heartworms.    However, the heart murmur has not affected my active lifestyle whatsoever.  If you would like to add a canine of lofty character into your home, please call Teri at 630-897-7454.

·   Elliot is 7 years old

·   Elliot is up to date with routine shots

·   Elliot has been altered

·   Elliot is housetrained

·   Elliot comes with certificate for free micro-chipping

·   Elliot’s adoption fee is $150

For a complete list of dogs and puppies available for adoption, please visit our website at http://roverrescue.org/pages/dog_index.htm.





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