Chris Balkema Congressional Candidate

Channahon resident and candidate for US Congress in the 11th Congressional District of Illinois, Chris Balkema, believes that the recent job report is a perfect example of why changes need to be made in Washington.  The unemployment rate of 7% is unacceptable and a problem that needs to be a main point of focus for the federal government.  The current unemployment rate combined with the underemployment rate of over 10% demonstrates the hardships millions of Americans are currently facing.  It is a major focus and driving factor behind Balkema’s decision to run for congress.

                Balkema is running his first congressional race.  He believes that new blood, new ideas, and new methods are needed in Washington, especially if any significant changes are going to occur.  Two key issues that need to be addressed, in order to create jobs, are a severe reduction in taxes and replacing Obamacare with free market principles.  Only when these changes are made will American businesses be able to grow, increase investments and create more job opportunities for those millions that are struggling.  Balkema will address these issues while working hard to bring accountability and transparency to the federal government.

                Balkema has over 20 years of manufacturing experience, working for Caterpillar, a leading corporation that has provided countless jobs for multiple communities, not only in Illinois, but all over the country.  Balkema has also made positive impacts serving on the Minooka School Board and the Grundy County Board.  His efforts have lead to reduced spending and more accountability while serving in these local offices he believes that he can drive this same level of accountability in Washington.  For more information on Balkema’s campaign, go to balkema.org


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